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New Patient Reviews:

Found Relief

With the help of Dr. Cassandra I have found relief from sleeplessness, seasonal allergies, headaches, and a combination of different body pains from top to bottom. Her vast expertise and ability to identify the source of my pains has impressed me from my first visit. I highly recommend if you’re not feeling 100%, to come into Chiropractic HealthPlus to see what Dr Cassandra can do for you.


I’m Now A Believer

I’ve had back problems for years and have always been a skeptic of Chiropractors that they couldn’t resolve my back pain. On my very first visit with Dr. Cassandra, she explained what was wrong with my back that was causing the pain and she laid out a treatment plan for me. In just a couple of visits the pain was gone! I’m now a believer, and highly recommend Dr. Cassandra! She takes the time to talk through your situation and then explains what is the cause, and creates a plan that really works for you!The whole visit experience is always outstanding from the greeting from Connie to the care given by Dr. Cassandra.